Ragtag Tribe is an award-winning, patchwork family of filmmakers scattered across the globe & stitched together by a common love for visual storytelling.  We focus on sharing stories that unearth the raw + honest beauty sewn into every corner of our planet, pointing to fundamental truths planted at the core of our collective humanity.

 We are one Ragtag Tribe. 



Andrew has traveled the world telling the stories of cultures often overlooked and under-appreciated. As a humanitarian, Andrew stumbled into a film career while working with numerous non-profit organizations. Through this experience, he witnessed how stories told through images transcended barriers and acted as levers for change. Andrew approaches documentary filmmaking with a desire to be genuinely interested in the people involved before trying to create a uniquely interesting story.

Andrew grew up in Alaska and is a father of two based in Raleigh, NC. He is also a proud descendant of Chief Tarhe of the Wyandot-Huron tribe and his favorite stories are ones that shed light on native & local experiences.